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Terms & Conditions


All payment is required in advance. You can make the payment via M-Pesa, cheque or cash. 

Rates: In accordance to current inflation rates, we reserve the right to increase our fees annually. Client’s will be notified of any increase one month in advance of such increase. 

Private Sessions: Private bookings are arranged via email with the Studio Manager or Instructor directly and sessions booked at a suitable time for both parties. 

Group Class bookings: All group classes need to be made online via our website or through whatsapp on our studio line, and payment made upfront. Tracking of group class package expiry and sessions remaining is the responsibility of the client. Expiry dates will not be extended unless medical reasons restrict you from continuing your practice, in which case appropriate documentation is required. 


Early cancellation: A strict 18 working hour cancellation policy applies in order to cancel or reschedule your session without charge. After that we charge in full. If it is the day before your session but not yet in the 18 hour working period, you may cancel only by sending us a message to our studio line

Late cancellation: Late cancellations will be charged in full due to the demand for regular times and limited studio space and equipment. 

Planned absence: Please provide a two week notice period for any planned absence so that alternative arrangements can be made to fill your session time slot. A 30% retainer will be required for periods of absence longer than 1 month if you wish to secure your time slot for your return.

Client Illness: Please use your discretion and consideration when feeling unwell. Rather plan ahead to rest and reschedule your session in advance. This avoids late cancellation charges and the potential of infecting others. Body Equilibrium instructor’s reserve the rights to refuse teaching clients who arrive ill. 


Hygiene and attire: Please wear appropriate and comfortable workout clothing that allows you to move freely. Please be respectful of your instructor and those around you and ensure your clothing covers sensitive areas adequately to avoid indecent exposure during your movement practice. Please make sure not to wear any zips or other accessories (hair clips and jewelry) that could potentially scratch the upholstery of the equipment.

Hygiene: We kindly request you to be mindful of your personal hygiene, particularly clean feet before the start of your session.


Arriving: Please be patient if there is a session going on. There is a waiting area as well as the balcony area in case you arrive early. Please refrain from loud conversations / any behaviours which may disrupt ongoing sessions. 

Run time: Sessions run for 55 mins and will not be extended if you arrive late. Should you not arrive within 15 mins of your appointment start time, the session will be considered a late cancel, charged as such and the instructor will be free to leave.


Body Equilibrium reserves the right to film and/ or photograph any clients training at Body Equilibrium. We ensure content used will always be sensitive and respectful to the clients and always uphold the high standard we set at Body Equilibrium. If you are not comfortable with any photographs / film being taken, please let us know and we will make a note of this on your form.

Cellular phones must be turned on silent before entering the studio. In the event that you do need to take a call, please do so in the balcony / corridor and not in the studio space. Kindly notify the instructor of any expectant calls so as to minimise disruptions of sessions / classes.


Please keep your face masks on at all times in the studio, balcony and corridor space. 

Please Sanitise your hands on entry to the studio.

If you are feeling unwell or are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 please cancel your appointment immediately and let us know.

If you arrive with noticeable symptoms, you will be refused entry and asked to leave.

If you have been unwell, please allow at least 7 days with no symptoms before returning to the studio and confirm clearance from a COVID test or COVID medical officer before returning.

Clinically extremely vulnerable individuals or those continuing to live with anyone deemed clinically extremely vulnerable should not engage in the class environment.

If you become symptomatic whilst at the studio, you must leave the venue immediately and if safe to do so, without touching anything or coming into close contact with anyone.

If you become unwell after leaving the studio, you must inform us immediately on 0743 056 829 so we can follow our in-house tracing procedure.

The studio is temporarily limited to a maximum of 12 individuals at any one time due to social distancing requirements.

Please do not bring food or unnecessary personal belongings into the studio other than your own water bottle and small handbag.

CANCELLATION POLICY: We have a strict 18 hour cancellation policy. After that we charge in full. If it is the day before your session but not yet in the 18 hour period, you may cancel only by sending us a message to our studio line.

  • The Pilates Programme devised for you is based upon sound teaching practice and information you have provided about yourself.

  • You must therefore inform the studio of any changes to your medical conditions as soon as you become aware of them.

  • If you experience any pain or dizziness during any class it is your responsibility to inform the instructor as soon as possible.

  • All reasonable care is taken by Body Equilibrium Studio to ensure your safety, however you will take full responsibility for your actions in the studio.

  • If there is an exercise you do not wish to do, please let the instructor know.

  • In the event of an emergency, you give permission for the studio to seek medical attention on your behalf.

  • Body Equilibrium Studio accepts no liability for any injury or death relating to participation in Pilates.

  • I confirm that I have read and understood the above conditions and that the information I have provided is correct.

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