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About us

Body EQ owners Tahireh and Anuja sitting on a Reformer

Strong Foundations

Anuja and Tahireh were first introduced to each other because of their love for Pilates. Their values and ideas for a Pilates Studio were very much aligned; so they decided to open up a studio together and to bring the BASI way of teaching pilates which is loved all over the world. It hasn't been easy opening up during these trying times of Covid. We first managed by starting up with Zoom sessions where verbal cueing had to gain even more importance as we navigate this 'socially distanced' world. We started teaching in April online and all proceeds went to Covid Funds we trusted. As things opened up, we found our studio space on the 9th floor of the Glam Hotel. Our studio is equipped with state of the art pilates equipment from BASI Systems.

Our goal is to support our clients on their wellness journey and to be of service to our communities during these tough times.

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Anuja Senior Teacher and co-owner of the studio

Anuja Chehar

Co-owner / BASI Instructor

As a natural result of my background in Physiotherapy - movement became a growing curiosity and an integral part of my life. My journey as a Physiotherapist unveiled a passion specifically towards Women’s Health and that is how I discovered Pilates. Pilates from then on was not just a form of exercise, it became a part of my life and brought an equilibrium I never knew I needed. Practicing Pilates everyday allows me to explore my potential, both internally and externally. Being able to share this experience through teaching Pilates and moving through all the repertoire with my clients is what makes everyday special.  I believe in the power of movement and what it can do to better your lifestyle and make you happy. Everyone is welcome at BPA Nairobi and I look forward to supporting, encouraging and teaching you more about your body and its potential!

Tahireh Senior Teacher and co-owner of the studio

Tahireh Kassiri

Co-owner / BASI Instructor

I have always been passionate about health and wellness. After my Biology and Pre-med studies, I completed an MSc in Public Health. However I missed the day-to-day interactions and wanted to be a part of people's journey towards improved overall health. At the same time, I had challenges with my back and pelvis and this led me to Pilates. It was transformative for my body and mind, and I was excited to share it with others. In my experience teaching, most people feel the immediate effect of mindful movement. I share the excitement with my clients as they feel stronger, happier and confident. 
As I am an eternal student, I have also studied nutrition and culinary arts, and am qualified as a Health Coach. I combine all of these to support and empower my client's overall well-being.

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