Welcome to BASI Pilates Academy Nairobi

At BASI Pilates Academy, our goal is to change lives through the art and science of Pilates. We are a full-service Pilates studio offering Pilates classes, private sessions, and semi-private sessions to our local community. We also proudly offer year-round BASI Pilates teacher training programs and continuing education for Pilates instructors.

With a clean, welcoming environment and friendly staff, BASI Pilates Academy Nairobi is the perfect place for new clients to achieve their fitness goals, whether to gain more core strength, reduce back pain, improve athletic performance, and retrain post-injury, or simply stay pain-free.

Because our studio serves as an education center for Pilates professionals, our team of high caliber instructors ranges in experience level from apprentice through senior instructors. Our instructors have gone through the BASI Pilates teacher training program and teach consistently thorough, well-rounded sessions to ensure our clients receive a balanced, full-body workout.

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Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17

















"I started taking prenatal pilates classes with Tah part way through my pregnancy. Though the classes were on zoom (covid-19 period) they were incredibly helpful in strengthening and preparing my body for labor. Tah is attentive noting any adjustments I need to make to help my form and accommodate my growing belly. At the end of each class my body feels stronger, lighter and more relaxed and mentally I feel more balanced.

What I most appreciate about the classes are that the exercises and stretches Tah has taught me are ones that can I incorporate at home with a few simple props to loosen my stiff muscles and aches. I instantly feel better.

I look forward to each week’s pilates classes and the inner strength and mental reset I feel after each session."



"I started prenatal pilates with Anuja over two months ago. I had no previous experience in Pilates or yoga, but enjoyed my sport and running and needed direction with regards to the new limitations pregnancy would cause for day to day except use. 

Anuja's classes, her demeanor, methods to teach new comers have been amazing.

She's educated me and encouraged me throughout the whole process and I plan to continue Pilates into the future."


- Suhani-